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Current Exhibits

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In this exhibit we see where technology has come in the last 20 years.  From 1890 – 1990 there were advancements; but since the creation of the cell phone, we carry our lives in our pockets.  Music, pictures, correspondence, media - we are never out of touch.

Doc Billingsleys phone.jpg

Phone Dr. Billingsley brought with him from Kansas.

New For 2024
Quilts of Highland

A Patchwork of History

Quilt Exhibit 2.JPG

The 2024 exhibit will feature "Crazy" quilts. 
Coming in 2025, pieced quilts of Highland.

This style of quilting became    popular in America in the late 1800’s and is thought to have been inspired by English           embroidery and Japanese art. 

Instead of using careful geometric shapes, crazy quilting uses irregular shaped and sized pieces of fabric.

Another type of crazy quilt is the “scrap” quilt. This type of quilt is made from anything found in the home. It was made for function,not beauty. Old clothing, scraps of material, bedding, tapestry and even used quilts, many times covering a worn out quilt.

Learn how a Civil War Battle fought in Highland County impacted Stonewall Jackson's Valley Campaign in 1862.  A twenty-minute documentary film describes the actions of both armies.


See how disease affected the people of Highland during this period.

Explore the stories of African-Americans during the Civil War.

Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Orientation Center

Permanent Exhibits

Uniquely Highland


Illustrates the history of Highland County, which was formed in 1847 by combining land from the neighboring counties of Bath and Pendleton,  and was named for it lofty elevation.

Previous Exhibits


People & Perspectives

Highland In the Civil War

People & Perspectives 2012.jpg
Doug Puffenbarger's Photos.jpg


Images of Highland's Past

Doug Puffenbarger's Photos

Weddings 2.jpg


Here Comes The Bride


Highlanders in War

War 1.jpg


Early Handmade Furniture In Highland County

Furniture exhibit 2020.jpg

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Leola (Swadley) Maloy framed sampler of
Elizabeth McCoy sample of bisque (unglaz


Artists and Artisans of Highland County's Past

Doreen Ralston painting #3.  (Property o


First Families 1785-1795

Preview of the Jones/McCoy Collection 

part II



Preview of the Jones/McCoy


part I

0[1] (2).jpg
0[1] (3).jpg


Preview of the Jones/McCoy Collection 

part II

Jones exhibit 2020.jpg

The Sarah Samples Collection


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Sarah was a valued and active member of the Highland County community. 

Serving as:

  • Charter member, board member and past President of the Highland Historical Society.

  • Docent of the Highland County Museum from its opening in 2005 until 2020.

  • Charter member and board member of The Highland Center.

  • Past President of the Highland Medical Center

  • Board member of the Highland County Public Library, Highland  Extension Homemakers, and the Monterey Garden Club




The history of Highland County through items from our collections and those on loan from old Highland families.


Dorcas Homan Sampler


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